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Design of flower beds in the country: basic rules and ideas for creating a flower garden

When all the large-scale work on the site is over - the house is erected, the fence is built, the trees are planted, the paths are laid, and the sites are paved, it is time to think over the design of the flower beds in the country house in order to give your own suburban ownership a complete look. An inhabited, cozy hacienda is unthinkable without beautiful flower beds that create a mood and a joyful feeling of suburban life.

Raised bed of planks or wooden slats

When wood fits into the design of the site more organically, the walls of the flower bed can be made of wood.

The original raised flower bed made of boards or wooden slats

The easiest option is to build a flowerpot from an old wooden tub or tub. At the tub, you need to knock out the bottom and treat the inner surface of the walls with a protective compound. At the installation site of the flowerpot, it is necessary to remove the sod, fill the recess with rubble, install a flowerpot, fill it with soil and plant the plants.

Flowerbeds with wooden walls made of boards or slats

If you want to make a large flower bed, for the walls you can use planks 2 - 2.5 cm thick and 8 - 10 cm wide, the ends of the planks, which will be buried, trim them in the form of pegs and burn (or tar). Choose a place for the flower bed, outline the shape, remove the sod over the entire area by 15 - 20 cm, and dig a groove around the perimeter to the same depth. Treat the boards with a protective compound. Having installed the pegs-boards in the groove, hammer them into the ground with the blows of a mallet. Place the boards as tightly as possible to each other.

Flowerbeds with wooden walls made of boards or slats

Fill a wooden container with soil. To prevent the boards from moving apart, tighten them with hoops, the role of which can be played by steel packing tape, which is nailed or screwed to the boards.

Recently, this type of flower garden as a mixborder is gaining more and more popularity. A mixborder is an elongated flower bed in which flowering plants of various types are planted.

The location of the mixborder is similar to the rabatka, along the buildings. This type of bed can be not only one-sided, but also two-sided. When creating this type of flower garden, it is not necessary to strictly observe the geometry, because a mixborder is, first of all, a combination of free forms with a variety of colors.

For a mixborder, landscape designers recommend making beds from 1.5 to 4 meters wide, if you plan to plant tall plants in this flowerbed, then you need to place them either in the background or in the center. The basic plants of such a flower garden will be flowering plants of the same age, additional bulbous types of flowers, the flowering of which occurs in early spring, and the final chord will be blooming plants for a long time.

When forming a mixborder, it must be borne in mind that the taller the plants are used for planting in a flower garden and the longer the size of the flower bed, the larger the bed should be.

How to make a beautiful flower bed: 15 patterns for a flower garden

15 basic patterns for a flower garden will help you make a beautiful flower bed with your own hands - always use any, even the smallest, place in the garden to plant your favorite flowers.

Flower garden at the gazebo:

Chubushnik. Clematis. Holly. Mirabilis. Sage. Coreopsis.

Before starting the breakdown of the flower garden, we will count on paper how many plants we need. We divide the plan of the flower garden on a scale into squares with a side of 1 m, mark the contours of the planting of each type of flowers, for each we calculate the area.

Ceremonial flower garden at the entrance "Welcome":

Rose flower. Petunia. Thuja. Delphinium. Lilies. Perennial aster. Cuff.

We divide the calculated planting area for each type of flowers by the average planting rate per 1 sq. m: for large 100-120 cm - 2-3 pieces, medium 40-90 cm - 4-6 pieces, low 20-40 cm - 7-9 pieces. and dwarf plants 5-20 cm - 16-20 pcs.

Flower garden at the entrance to the house:

Virginia. Rose flower. Sedum. Balsam. Woolly chisel. Miscanthus Chinese.

We transfer the flower garden scheme to the garden plot. The contours of the flower garden can be marked with sand, chalk, sawdust.

Flower garden "Path to the garden":

Juniper. Highlander. Sage. Bloodroot. Gelenium. Formium.

We prepare the ground - we dig it to a depth of 40 cm and select the roots, or remove the top layer of sod and fill in specially prepared soil. We mark the contours of the planting for each type of flowers.

A fragrant flower garden for a sunny place:

Hibiscus. Kufeya. Penstemon. Cotton wool. Petunia.

Water the flowers 2-3 hours before planting. The best time to plant flowers is early in the morning, evening or in the rain.

Flower garden next to the bench:

Malvaviscus. Fern. Mouse hyacinth. Sunflower. Mountain girl. Lemon verbena.

We start planting from the center of the flower bed to the edges. When planting from pots at the seedling, we straighten the roots, tamp the soil at the neck of each plant.

Flower garden at the pergola:

Heicher. Lilac. Space. Baptisia. Hellebore. Derain blooming.

After planting, the flower garden is abundantly watered, if necessary, the seedlings are propped up with a stick. We cover from the hot sun during the day.

Flower garden "Magic Waltz" to attract butterflies:

Thuja. Buddley of David. Zinnia. Goldenrod. Echinacea purpurea.

Do not worry if some plant does not take off, using seedlings with closed roots - from pots, you can plant a new plant at any time.

Flower garden next to the recreation area:

Tagetis. Sedum. Chamomile. Rod-shaped millet. Budleya. Sage.

Take your time to expect instant results from planting your new flower garden. In the first year, the flower garden may seem empty (free areas can be temporarily filled with annuals), but after a year or two, the flower garden will show itself in all its splendor - just wait until perennials grow on the flower bed.

Flower garden near the gate:

Blooming apple tree. Kalina. Clematis. Action. Bell. Veronica.

Flower garden by the path:

Plantarium. Coreopsis. Petunia. Creeping tenacious.

Autumn flower garden "Golden Enchantress":

Red maple. Kalina. Virginia. Perennial aster. Ceratostigma. Oregano.

Flower garden on the supporting walls in the garden:

Sedum. New England aster. Dahlias. Anemones.

Flower garden next to the patio:

Weymouth Pine. Bamboo. Host. Begonia. Schizahirium. Rudbeckia.

Even if you don't have a lot of experience, we hope the flower garden schemes will inspire you to create your own beautiful flower bed. Do not be afraid to adjust the composition of plants and the shape of the flower garden, because these schemes are designed only to give a boost to your boundless imagination.

Flower garden for a site with partial shade:

Heuchera. Derain is white. Lily. Astilba. Hosta Frances Williams. Hosta Siebold. Hosta Halcyon. Fern. Balsam.


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