Flowers for family happiness: 8 best indoor plants for home in feng shui

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Flowers in the house give positive emotions, harmony, aesthetic pleasure. And according to the ancient Chinese teachings of feng shui, with the right choice and placement of plants in the house, you can create positive energy, strengthen various aspects of life.


Azalea has powerful positive energy and literally absorbs negativity, protects against envy and evil eyes. This plant is able to smooth out conflicts between family members, bring calmness and understanding in the relationship of spouses.According to Feng Shui, it is better to put azaleas in that part of the house where people are often, but not very long in time. You can place it in the living room, hallway, corridor or even in the bathroom. Azalea is very unpretentious to care for, does not like direct sunlight, does not exude strong odors and does not emit allergens. It blooms very beautifully and will certainly be appropriate in any interior.


This flower not only perfectly cleans the air in the room, but also makes the atmosphere favorable. According to feng shui, the ficus is responsible for the material wealth of the family. But it should be placed correctly, because if you put the plant in the marriage zone, then the properties will have the opposite effect: quarrels, irritation and conflicts will begin. Ficus also has medicinal properties: if you make a tincture of alcohol from its leaves and apply it to a sore spot, the inflammation goes away very quickly. This interesting plant can take away the illness or troubles of the owner and die from this.


Geranium releases essential oils that calm the nerves and replenish a person's strength and energy. It protects against evil eyes, mental disorders, negativity, puts thoughts in order. The only plant that can be placed in any room. In the bedroom, she gives a calm, even sleep; if it grows in the kitchen, then the food will be tastier and more nutritious; if you put it in the hallway, then it will absorb the negativity emanating from the guests. The plant is unpretentious, needs abundant watering and prefers shaded places.

Myrtle tree

If grown correctly, the plant will reveal truly unique qualities. This tree promotes peace in the house, creates the energy of happiness and love. It has many healing properties, so it is recommended to grow the plant either in your bedroom or in the children's room, because it disinfects the air, helping with acute respiratory infections and flu. And tincture of myrtle tree is used for otitis media, cough, diabetes mellitus, infections caused by staphylococcus.


There is a belief that cacti collect negativity, evil eye, envy on their needles, and drive away dark forces. This flower is able to neutralize feelings of anger and anger, balances the emotions of the owners, and helps to calm down. Cacti take away negativity from a sleeping person, so it is recommended to put them on the windowsill in the bedroom. If the plant is grown in the zone of wealth, then it will stimulate the growth of material well-being in the house.

Money Tree

This plant is able to open up money channels. Relieves nervous tension, a load of worries and stress. If you put it in a house in a wealth zone, then you will be guaranteed material well-being. It is also good to have this plant in the workplace. If you take care of and cherish the money tree, then it will become a real amulet for the owners. This flower increases the standard of living of the entire family, prolongs youth, activity and masculine strength.


This exotic plant is unpretentious in care, it is enough to choose a bright place for it and monitor the moisture content of the soil. Sometimes it is transplanted into transparent containers filled with pebbles and water. If you put it at important energy points on the floor, then it is able to attract money and good luck to the house, neutralize the negative and convert the negative energy of the room into positive.

Lemon Tree

Growing a lemon tree in your home literally bears fruit. This plant has disinfectant properties, stimulates immunity and brain activity. It is recommended for a children's room, because in addition to healing properties, it develops such valuable qualities as good spirits, the desire for learning and knowledge, curiosity, perseverance, independence.

6 houseplants that bring good luck

What indoor plants attract goodness and happiness to the house?

Many signs are associated with indoor plants, and Feng Shui considers them not just living decorations of our home, but important components of a harmonious life. Not surprisingly, different plants are endowed with different "characters" and abilities, including the ability to attract happiness into the house. What plants are considered especially favorable for the home and its inhabitants?

  • Ficus rubber
  • Zamioculcas
  • Spathiphyllum / Anthurium
  • Violet
  • Croton


10 indoor plants for family happiness

1. Spathiphyllum ("women's happiness"). He will help: find a soul mate, those who want a child to get pregnant, support love and understanding. (photo by Elena Kudrina)

2. Usambara violet, Saintpaulia. It will help maintain peace in the family and fight less. She is a symbol of eternal love. (photo by Eleanor Ivanov)

3. Chinese rose, hibiscus. Supports passionate love. (photo by Elena Guseva)

4. Hoya (wax ivy). In many countries, it is given as a gift for St. Valentine. She will bring family happiness, especially if you put her in the bedroom. (photo by Ola Fox)

5. Myrtle. Makes marriage successful, brings happiness and peace to an established family. In some countries, it is considered the best gift for newlyweds.

6. Aichrizon (tree of love, happiness). Its leaves are like hearts. Brings love and happiness to its owner. (photo by Ira Krasnova)

7. Calathea. extremely unpretentious and is the symbol of domestic happiness.

8. Chlorophytum (family happiness). Also unpretentious.

9. Kislitsa (oxalis). Will help to find love and keep the family.

10. Anthurium (male happiness). He gives men strength and brings a lot of happiness to the house.

Why you should start oxalis at home

Among the many varieties of acid, I would single out the "butterfly" with its triangular dark purple leaves... She looks spectacular on the windowsill among her more conventional green counterparts. When the plant blooms, its small light inflorescences look even softer against the background of dark leaves.

You will fall in love with acid only because you do not need to mess with it. Water and replant periodically every 2-3 years. She is does not require feeding, except for the company with other plants. With a strong drop in temperature, it can hibernate, but soon it will release young leaves again.


Perhaps this will be a discovery for you, but oxalis leaves you can and even need to eat. They can be added to salads, first courses and desserts. Dried oxalis will turn into a healthy seasoning with a sour taste. The value of the supplement to dishes is that it contains a lot of malic and oxalic acid, vitamins A, C and K, flavonoids. A real treasure on the windowsill.

Folk omens

Kislitsa - a great housewarming gift. The plant is said to bring happiness and good fortune to the home. It also helps in financial matters. But the most important thing is maintaining peace in the family. Perhaps one glance at a flower is enough to make the desire to quarrel disappear.

Household use

Surprisingly, but oxalis can be used in everyday life... It is better than any store products to deal with stains on clothes. And a few leaves will help to restore the former brilliance of colored fabrics. Also, the oxalis will quickly wash away the dirt from the hands after garden work. You just need to grind the leaves between your palms. And voila - everything is clean!

I'm sure you never knew that this humble plant contains so many secrets. Hope I was able to interest you beautiful sour, and soon there will be a replenishment on your windowsill.

Money Tree

The money tree (bastard, crassula) is the most famous plant for attracting wealth and good luck to the house.

In order for the tree to "work" and to fully reveal its magical properties, you need to plant it in a red or green pot, at the bottom of which you need to put a coin. Red ribbons with coins should be tied on the branches of the fat woman.

If you provide Crassula with good care, it will delight with thick leaves, which are a symbol of large banknotes. The blooming of the fat woman foreshadows imminent enrichment. If the plant begins to wither and dry out - to bankruptcy.

Transfer after purchase

After purchase, you need to transplant the flower from a temporary pot to a permanent one. A small pot will work as the plant does not grow large. Any ready-made soil for succulents is used. Or cooked independently: four parts of sod land are mixed with two parts of deciduous, one part of sand and the same amount of peat. Drainage must be laid at the bottom of the pot. A good nutritional effect is achieved by adding pieces of birch charcoal to the soil.

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