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If you have some sauce left over, even a little, you can use it to make delicious roasted eggplant parmigiana. We present this recipe where the aubergines are roasted instead of fried. Anna Laura cares a lot about health and fried foods are very rare but I assure you that the taste is very pleasant.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • an eggplant
  • sauce
  • parmesan


Take the eggplant and cut it into medium-sized slices.

In the hot grill pan, cook the aubergines.

Arrange the aubergines in layers in an oven bowl and cover them with the sauce

and parmesan.

Proceed like this for 2-3 layers. At the end you will have the dish ready to be informed either in the normal oven or in the microwave (preferable, cheaper and faster).

Here is your ready-made eggplant dish.


This is a variant of roasted aubergines, tasty and above all healthy as the aubergines are not fried and therefore for those who are a lover of parmigiana aubergines but for health or line reasons cannot eat them as often as they would like, this is an excellent "surrogate".


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