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More titles may be available to you. Sign in to see the full collection. Air plants, also known as tillandsias, are some of the easiest plants to grow, which helps explain why they're popping up in stores across the country and appearing in magazines, on blogs, and all over Pinterest. The amazing thing about air plants is that they use their roots to anchor themselves to an object, which allows them to grow in a variety of locations naturally.

  • 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Air Plants
  • Types of Air Plants: Benefits And Care Tips
  • Air Plant Care and Design: Tips and Creative Ideas for the World's Easiest Plants
  • Tillandsia: The Amazing Easy-Care Air Plant
  • Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Air Plants
  • 51 Most Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas
  • Let Us Show You What You Can Do
  • Air Plant Design
  • Air Plant Care and Design: Tips and Creative Ideas for the World's Easiest Plants (Paperback)

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Air Plants

The amazing thing about air plants is that they use their roots to anchor themselves to an object, which allows them to grow in a variety of locations naturally. This flexibility of growth makes air plants ideal for decoration of home and office. While air plants are known for being easy to grow, they still do need attention to survive and live a healthy life. Authors Meriel and Ryan Lesseig are air plant enthusiasts who turned their passion into profit with Air Plant Design Studio, an e-commerce site that sells all things air plants.

Here they share tips for properly caring for air plants as well as inspiration and instruction for a myriad of ways to use air plants to enhance your space or event, including air plant wedding bouquets, wall art, terrariums, wreaths, and more.

Air plants can enhance the design of any space, big or small. This beautiful, inspiring and practical guide is the perfect introduction to the wacky, hip, gorgeous world of air plants. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, and competitions right to your inbox. Tell us what you like and we'll recommend books you'll love.

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Types of Air Plants: Benefits And Care Tips

Consider using an old bulb as a plantar and support it with a suitable base. Watch this quick video to see the How-to! Attach the magnet to the wine cork using glue and allow to dry completely. Using a tiny bit of glue, attach the air plant to the cork. You may want to spritz it with water once a week to keep it happy.

Air Plant Design Studio was inspired when husband and wife duo, about the care and use of air plants in your home.

Air Plant Care and Design: Tips and Creative Ideas for the World's Easiest Plants

Add air plants, the real kind. There are many types of air plants — even those which thrives without sunlight. Getting the majority of their nutrients from the air, tillandsia are commonly referred as air plants require less of your time and attention making it a perfect plant for indoor container gardening. You can create a terrarium, with a hanging planter or a ceramic self-watering pot to house these gorgeous house plants. Like orchids and lichens as well as mosses and ferns, this plant genus does not suck out nutrients from their host. But what tillandsia to pick? Belonging to the bromeliad family, the simple yet adorable tillandsia comes in around types or varieties. There are also countless hybrids to give you more choices. Take these popular varieties for starters:.

Tillandsia: The Amazing Easy-Care Air Plant

We are regularly asked for Tillandsia care information, so I thought it might be useful to review it quickly. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to reach out to us any time. Lighting for Tillandsias should be bright but filtered April — October. They should not be left in the direct sun in the summer months this will cause the plant to become sunburned. Tillandsias love direct sun November — March.

Click Here for a PDF of this guide.

Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Air Plants

Air plants have stepped into the houseplant spotlight for both their ease of care and the many creative ways they can be displayed. When you know a little more about how and where these plants naturally grow, the following air plant care tips make a lot more sense. Air plants are members of the bromeliad family. Air plants are epiphytes that use their small roots to attach themselves to the branches of trees and shrubs, rather than growing in the ground. Instead, they just use their host as an anchor and a place to live. Air plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, instead of through their roots.

51 Most Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas

Air plants, otherwise known as Tillandsia , are native plants to the southern United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and have the ability to thrive in the warm temperatures, despite neglect. With over types of Tillandsia , these unique looking plants survive without soil OR water. Air plants use their specialized leaves to obtain from the air the water and nutrients they need to survive. The roots of the air plant are simply used for attaching themselves to rocks, trees, shrubs and the ground. Most air plants grow with long, triangle shaped leaves and boast attractive funnel or tube-shaped flowers, offering beautiful architectural elements.

Learn about the history of Tillandsia or air plants, and discover how to properly care for these amazing plants. See how to plant air plants with detailed.

Let Us Show You What You Can Do

Air plants are adorable — more like pets than plants. As the name implies, air plants absorb nutrients and water from the air through scales on their leaves. Native to the Andes, this air plant Tillandsia tectorum has unusually large white scales that create a fuzzy effect on leaves.

Air Plant Design

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The team at Plantscape Designs is built of trained horticulturalists and designers. Our team works with clients to achieve beautiful designs that work for each client. Plants not only make co-workers and customers feel at ease, but also reduce stress and minimize employee sick days. See what Plantscape Designs can do for your office space. Get started today! Plantscape Designs aims to service clients of all sizes and representing all industries.

For one, there are nearly different varieties of this flowering perennial, boasting a range of exotic shapes and vibrant colors.

Air Plant Care and Design: Tips and Creative Ideas for the World's Easiest Plants (Paperback)

Tillandsia, or air plants as they are commonly known, comprise one of the most diverse genera of plants in existence. These plants are highly unique for there ability to grow without soil or a pot, making them very versatile in the way they can be displayed and enjoyed. Below you will find some general guiding principals that will help keep your air plants happy and healthy. It is always encouraged to do research on the specific species you own to ensure care is tailored to the needs of your air plants. Tillandsia are evergreen, perennial flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States, and the West Indies. Tillandsia are epiphytes, which means they grow without soil while and typically grow in the ground, on other plants, and on rocks.

Welcome to Botanica! We specialize in tropical, desert, and rare houseplants and ship our products nationwide! Cart 0.

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